Igate Castle complex consists of

Elegantly reserved Neo-Renaissance-style castle.

The Mill Café where it is possible to enjoy the Latvian food and see the ancient water mill.

Holiday house – suitable for the families and for a small company of friends that want to have a good time, by either enjoying a meal in front of the fireplace or taking a steam-bath and warming oneself in the hot tub

Something from history:

Igate Castle was first mentioned in written records in 1455 when Idsel Diderik Vietinghoff sold the village and manor to Peter von der Borh. The name of the manor has changed several times.

Around 1880 in the Igate estate there was a manor house built in Neo-Renaissance-style. The building was designed by Rudolf Сirkvic for von Pistohlkors family, by demonstrating throughout the building a reserved and elegant laconism. In 1934, the manor’s residential building was bought by the Latvian Children’s Union and children’s boarding-school was located in the castle thereafter. While in 1940 it was transformed into an orphanage. Beginning from 1972, the Igate Castle was under the authority of Ministry of Agriculture. In 1996, the State Real Estate Agency took over the ownership of Igate Castle.

Since 2016 the castle has been managed by the company SIA Domaines et Chateaux.